If you need have questions, please sent in an email to support@firemantis.com. We are happy to help!

How do I make payments if I don't have a Paypal account?

You don’t need to have a Paypal account to make payment. You can use your Debit and Credit cards to make payments and the processing will be done through Paypal.

It might be a good idea to apply for a free Paypal account because it makes refunds – if any, a lot easier.

Do you accept other payment methods other than Paypal?

As of right now, we only use Paypal because they are secure and give us the option to accept payments through various payment methods. But we will also be looking into other payment options in the near future.

Do you provide tracking?

Yes, we offer tracking on products worth over $100. But, we do also offer tracking for some lower value items upon request.

Do you issue replacements or refunds on defective products?

Yes, we do offer refunds on returns consistent with our policy. Please read our policies for more information. You can also get in touch with our support team to see if you qualify for a refund.

Are there any additional costs after I make a purchase?

Generally, No. Some countries may have its own custom fees but they don’t usually effect the items we sell, especially since most of our items are of lower prices.

Do you ship to all locations Worldwide?

Mostly, Yes. However, we do not ship to Cuba, India, Iran and North Korea. But if you do not see the option to buy a certain item, it’s probably because we are unable to ship the item to your location at the current moment. Reasons could be limited supply, logistics or very high shipping costs that we do not want to make our customers pay.